Pre-Plan your social content and publishing parameters

With Publishing Suite you can schedule every post on facebook. You can also control exactly who sees your posts & how often. And if you change your mind about a post, you can edit or reschedule it. With real-time analytics you can easily measure and learn.

Buckle Ups

  • Plan content for future dates
  • Target fan engagement
  • Effective and absolute reach of content
  • Multiple control admin options across enterprise
  • Measure results


  • Schedule your posts: Plan your social posts and content for higher management approval and time of launch.
  • Social plan and strategy: Create your posts and publishing content for your social media mix prior to launch.
  • Template your posts: With your pre-approved content you can template and schedule your posts and content.
  • Content approval: You can enable reviews and approvals from the stakeholders before the live launch.
  • Rich Media Delivery: Post your rich media content (images, text, videos and links via our publisher.
  • Target your post: Target your Facebook post geographically and demographically.
  • Reach of news feeds: Publish your content for your target audience to their news feeds.
  • Parameters for target market: Create and save the parameters of your target market audience (demographics, geographic) for future targeted posts.
  • Key word Tracking: You can track and manage your campaigns with customized tags.
  • Brand your Posts: Now you can customize your Facebook posts with the brand logo, name and catchy lines.
  • Post performance: Measure which post resonates more among others.


  • FGFan Gate
  • NLNewsletter
  • SUSign Up
  • SSSweepstakes
  • EXExclusive
  • DSDeal Share
  • RFReferral
  • FCFan Coupon


  • DDDrag And Drop
  • SPStory Pictures
  • TPTalking Photos
  • VCVideo Contest
  • FPFan Profile
  • GRGreetings
  • QZQuiz
  • SCSound Clouds


  • RCRadio Channels
  • VCVideo Channels

Customer Service

  • FQFAQ/Ask a question
  • FBFeedback/Complaint Center
  • LCLive Chat


  • ESE-store
  • REReal Estate
  • PSPhoto Showcase
  • FRFundraiser
  • MIMap It
  • BKBookings


  • SBSub Tabs
  • PGPaginator
  • LSLive Stream
  • JCJob Casting
  • PPPartner Pages
  • DDDocument Display
  • LBLookBook
  • CCCampaign Countdown


  • FKFlickr
  • SBScribd
  • POPolls

Numbers and estimations are extremely worthy to track the effectiveness, reach, impact, success and loop holes in social media marketing. Our analytical module is the most powerful tool that provides actionable data and statistics for your social networks to analyze behaviors and trends.
Our analytic dashboard allows you to optimize your social publishing strategy with deep analytical insights. Measure your post performance in a unique and effective way and get to know optimal posting time for your social communities.

Buckle Ups

  • Track you Social Media Key point Indicators.
  • Measure the health level of your brand's facebook community.
  • Generate in-depth reports of statistics for your brand's facebook page posts and applications.
  • Make statistical analysis and compare your current performance with past reports.
  • Analyze and compare your competitive market strategies.


  • Analytical eye: Keep an analytical eye on your pre-planned and launched activities for your fan pages, applications and posts.
  • Tracking: Analyze anytime your fan counter, parameters for the reach of your messages and engagement performance of your activities.
  • Graphical Representation: Convert your statistical data in to informative graphical representations (Chats, graphs and divisions etc).
  • Statistics of apps: Make reports for the performance of your applications by defining parameters of time and posts.
  • Comparisons: Compare fan counts, industry trends and behaviors against your competitors.
  • Export data facility: Export data from our analytical module for any in-depth corporate level analysis.